Workshop: “Construction from Deconstruction” with Hiroki Yamamoto

Workshop Schedule

Mon. Nov. 23

- 2:00 – 5:00 Workshop: Session I Location: LAU Eng. 301
Thurs. Nov. 26

- 2:00 – 5:00 Workshop: Session II Location: LAU Eng. 301
Sat. Nov. 28

- 2:00 – 5:00 Workshop: Session III Location: LAU Eng. 301

Workshop Description


Design a poster which uses collage technique. The main aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to explore a variety of methods from halftone print transformed in or another. Students also will be able to learn about he paper material itself. All students have to bring a magazine or newspaper which contains a design they like. The design should be halftone print. In the first stage, the poster will be designed by hand constructing collage with the images that they like from the magazine or newspapers, discovering interesting textures through playing with and arranging the paper collage by hand.They can cut them, tear them, shrink them, paint them, whatever they want to do. Student can use any writing implements, for example pencils, pastels, acrylics, crayons; but they are not allowed to use any tools which can make straight lines, for example, knives, scissors, and rulers. This is a destruction of the original images. In the second stage, they retouch the collage work on the computer and finish the poster. Finally, students create something entirely new though bringing together all the stages in the process.

The Workshop:

1. Introduction and starting make a collage work

2. Collage wok and computer

3. Finishing and tutorial

See the workshop results at the Design Exchange ’09 Student Exhibition

Nov30 –Dec 4, 2009

The Lebanese American University, Byblos

Rima Hourani Exhibition Room

Exhibition open daily: 8:00am–4:00pm

Now you can see photos of the exhibition

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