Workshop: Concept Book: “Design and the City – Boston in Byblos” with Richard Doubleday

Workshop Schedule


Mon. Nov. 23

-10:00 – 1:00 Workshop: Session I

Location: LAU Eng. 301

Tues. Nov. 24

-10:00 – 1:00 Workshop: Session II

Location: LAU Eng. 301

Thurs. Nov. 26

-10:00 – 1:00 Workshop: Session III

Location: LAU Eng. 301


Workshop Description


Boston in Byblos: Byblos and Boston, both are cities situated next to a sea (Mediterranean) and ocean (Atlantic), with parks, exciting culture, markets, gardens, old streets, new areas, architecture and design. There are many views you can have on these two cities. The idea of the workshop is to take a closer look on public life, personal places and signs in the streets in both cities. There should be experimental work with images off the computer, subjective, and personal views on the cities.


The Workshop:

1. Brainstorming to Byblos and Boston

2. Short lecture about Boston, design and architecture, typefaces in the streets

3. Handing out material about Boston (photographs, signs, postcards, small objects, newspapers etc.

4. Creating new designs using the received material in the context of Byblos

5. Presentation of concept books or similar printed designs


How does living in or visiting a city influence our way of thinking, our perceptions, our way of looking as graphic designers? What possibilities and opportunities do Boston and Byblos offer us to visually articulate these cities considering their geography, web sites, web logs, city maps, photographs, postcards, public transportation, traffic, statistical numbers, weather, language, noise, music, clothing, religion, history, social structures, and communication?

The objective of the workshop is to compare and contrast Boston and Byblos by taking a closer look at these two cities’ personalities. Doubleday will challenge the students to think about how living in or visiting a city influences how we think and what we see. He will ask the students to create short, multi-page books integrating images from both Boston and Beirut that would visually communicate the similarities and differences in the visual culture of the two cities. Doubleday will ask the students to think about how the visual concept fits the mood and temperament (serious, funny, happy, sad, melancholy, joyful, angry) of the subject matter; the students experiences in Byblos from their point of view and conversely, their impressions of Boston. Doubleday calls this approach a Cultural Concept Book Study.

To carry out the project the students will scan and photocopy the Boston material. They will then be asked to collect images from Byblos by various methods such as hand drawings, painting, and digital photography. The students will be asked to consider integrating different texts from Paul Revere’s Ride and a Boston Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson and explore alternative methods of visualizing narration: continuous text, typographic expression, diagrammatic representation, timeline or map construction, and text/image combinations. The students will also be allowed to use either English text or Arabic Script or a combination of each. Each student will also focus on the cinematic aspects of multi-page design, unity, pacing, contrast, and rhythm.

The final designs comprised a series of cultural concept books.

See the workshop results at the Design Exchange ’09 Student Exhibition

Nov30 –Dec 4, 2009

The Lebanese American University, Byblos

Rima Hourani Exhibition Room

Exhibition open daily: 8:00am–4:00pm

Now you can see photos of the exhibition

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